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New Minegarde RPG Empty New Minegarde RPG

Post by 17dragonboy on Fri Dec 14, 2012 5:33 pm

I figured I may as well post this here, if anyone here is brave enough to venture to Minegarde.
To clarify, the RPG is mine.

So I’m on winter break now, and I think everyone else has some kind of vacation coming up.
I’d like to take advantage of this time to get an RPG started. Something larger in scale that’s not just a one shot, like “kill this” or “complete this mission.”
Something like Duvessa, Rucana, Maskata, Felyne’s Envoy or Holgarde, to anyone who has played in any of those.
Something with story that lends itself to roleplaying.
I feel like we haven’t had something like this since Duvessa (though there is Alderos).

I was thinking a monster hunter setting, and using free form.
I’m just gonna ramble to try and get all my thoughts out.

For a setting and plot, this is what I had in mind:
There’s a large island. On the island are a few main towns, plus some other little things here and there. There’s different climates (to name a few, forest, volcanic, mountainous. Can probably touch on a lot more for the sake of variety).
Something of a warband (comprised primarily of escaped gladiators/rouge monster hunters/poachers) has come to the island, basically to pillage the land. That and fight people and have fun with the women.

The players (probably medium rank monster hunters, maybe high) are called in for the following reasons:
Monster hunters have been killed on quests by poachers. Better monster hunters are required to avoid this.
The dead hunters simply need to be replaced.
The towns’ need help defending themselves, and the warband needs to be driven off if not eradicated.

What complicates things is that some people have chosen this time (probably on purpose) to start a rebellion, or an insurrection depending on how you look at it.
They may or may not be in league with the warband.
The “rebellion” is of questionable motives. It’s been heard the towns are questionable themselves, with things like corruption.

So that’s the basic idea I have at the moment.
I wanted the island so it’s kind of disconnected from the rest of the world and self contained.
I wanted a few different towns because I remember liking being able to go from one town to another (often having to for clues).
Having a variety of climates is probably good.

I was thinking of having the players be medium rank so that they are a major part in solving this problem, but there’s still things bigger/more dangerous than them.
Being high rank would make them more important, but make things easier.
I’d need to decide on this.

All the players being called to the island at once was my way of getting them all together, because I think it’s easier to roleplay when you’ve got a bunch of players together.
However, a player might start somewhere else (resident of island). They might also not be a good guy either.

In regards to taking down the warband, I plan to make it much more than just “fight them until they die or go away.” I wanted there to be a general goal that all the players work towards (unless...). This kind of draws from Duvessa, where we all had a common goal.
With the rebellion, there’d be complications (which side to take, what if it’s working with the warband). This draws heavily from Maskata.

Players we basically be able to do whatever they want, solve the problems however they chose, and take whichever sides they want (possibly just fulfilling their private goals).
Character role would be very open as well (bounty hunter, medic, thief). Some kind of monster hunter would be recommended though.

On a different note, I was thinking of involving a slight amount of magic, with an emphasis on slight. Comparable to what monster hunter does. Stuff similar to armor skills, like clairvoyance, maybe armor skin, maybe something like foresight, and then stuff like longsword energy attacks, dual sword rage, etc. But not stuff like water bending or hadouken.

Also, depending on how things go, we might have stuff like improving equipment (or just getting new equipment) and characters getting better over time (another reason to have medium rank characters).

So yeah, that’s the mess of the idea. I’ll definitely smooth stuff out later.
If you have anything you’d like to add to the idea (or questions), please feel free to say something.

So would anyone be interested in this?
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New Minegarde RPG Empty Re: New Minegarde RPG

Post by 17dragonboy on Tue Dec 18, 2012 2:11 pm

A warband of at least thirty men has come to Xoga Island and is wreaking havoc!
They’ve killed our questing hunters, raided our towns, and now they threaten to wipe us all out if we do not comply with their demands!
To make matters worse, our own people have betrayed us! They left us to join this warband and take over the island!
We cannot hold out much longer!

Please, if you ever wanted to make a difference, now is the time!

With desperate hope,
Malcolm Forestro, Village Chief of Forestro


Xoga Island
The island is considerably large, having several towns and distinct climate regions.
(I suck at geography. I’m going to guess the island is about the size of Rhode Island (probably bigger), give or take largely.)
The distance from the island shore to that of the mainland (in any direction) is a solid day or two of travel with a large sail boat.

As said, the island has several distinct climates. An uncanny amount really. This provides it with a wide range of goods (including animals).
(More details to be released later. I might be able to squeeze in all the climates from in game.)

The island was first settled some centuries ago, so it is well developed.
There is a main town to each climate region, and many other smaller settlements in between (ranging from just a handful of people and up). The main towns are only about a day’s travel away from one another.

Magic can refer to many different things. Some examples of magic in use would be:
Certain elemental weapons.
Certain monsters.
Certain armor abilities.
Unnatural human abilities (spirit attacks, extra senses, elemental affinity).
Spirit work is sometimes slumped into magic.

The existence of magic is well known.
Only a relatively small fraction of the population is magically gifted.
The sources of magic are not certain (heritage seems to have a connection).
Practicing magic strengthens it.
Those who are not magically endowed can still use stuff like elemental equipment.
Accomplished monster hunters are often magically endowed.

Magic is generally pretty modest, similar to in game.
There’s not stuff like water bending or Kamehameha's (besides like Rajang...).

The World in General (Beyond the Island)
(Everyone interprets how the world of Monster Hunter would work differently. This is to try and get us all on the same page.)

Elder dragons are EXTREMELY rare. There’s probably only a single digit count of each of them (it’s unknown). The big ones are probably one of a kind.
Sightings are also extremely rare. It’s like a small historical event when it happens.

Government and law varies largely from place to place (democracy, monarchy, feudal, tribal, etc.).
The guild is like the government. There’s basically a bunch of guilds across the land.
Guild knights are basically policemen.
Without getting into specifics, a blue suit would mean lower rank, a red suit would mean higher rank, and green would be medical. (Other colors/ranks will be filled in as necessary.)

Monster hunters almost always work in teams, like, always, especially with larger monsters.
They are a very small part of the population.
They make reasonably good money, especially the more accomplished hunters.

The details of ranking (and numbers) won’t be gotten into, but in general there’s low, medium and high rank hunters (and then maybe very high).
Low rank would rarely fight monsters like Yian Kut Ku.
Medium rank would rarely fight monsters like Rathalos.
High rank would fight just about everything.

More powerful hunters are usually spread out among towns, and called into one place when a large monster needs taking care of. Towns often help one another out.
Large monsters only come by once in awhile. Hunters often have to hunt below their rank because of this.

Generally, hunters need to register with each town they work in.
This helps the guild keep track of its hunters (for various purposes).
Most hunters have guild cards. A guild card is a small book like a passport and license. They usually have a bunch of stamps from each town the hunter has been to.

Usually, after a hunting quest is completed, a squad is sent to carve and bring back the monster.
Though there are exceptions, usually the hunters get to keep everything. Methods of distributing materials varies. Selling materials is common.

Wyverians can live for hundreds of years (over a thousand).
Felyne live as long as humans do.
All races generally have first and last names (and middle).

Your Character
Your character doesn’t have to be a monster hunter, but I would recommend it (and I’m basically assuming you will be).
In terms of rank and ability, your character would be medium rank. In terms of equipment, this would mean stuff like Yian Kut Ku, Gypceros, Khezu, Conga, Qurupecco, Barroth, or Gobul.

Monster hunters don’t ‘have’ to be combat oriented, but it’s definitely something to consider. They should have at least some combat efficiency however.

The fact that your enemies will be people is something to consider.

Having a second profession is fine (bounty hunting and guild knight would be particularly relevant). Just bear in mind that monster hunting is a demanding job.

So, required information would be:

Name: First and last. Just first would work, but would be uncommon.

Race: Human, Felyne (or Melynx), or Wyverian is fine.

Age: Keep it sensible. Should be at least an adult (20’s).

Height: Please use Planck units. Just kidding, I don’t care what units you use.

Stature/Physique: Stuff like body type, how much muscle, weight, etc. This should match up with your character’s fighting style and equipment.

Other Physical Descriptions: Stuff like facial details, scars, hair, skin, etc. etc. etc.

Armor and Weapons: Remember, medium rank equipment.
Custom equipment should be fine as long as it’s reasonable.
For armor, weight, protection and mobility are some key factors to consider. The pros and cons of weapons should be considered to.
Having equipment be at least somewhat practical would be a good thing. You may want to slightly modify stuff from in game to make it more practical.

For weapons, element/ailment is something to consider. (For the record, raw no element/ailment weapons won’t be sold short. They’ll probably just have more raw power.)

Multiple layers of armor would be fine (say Khezu under clothing underneath Yian Kut Ku). I’d rather not get into multiple sets of armor though.
Multiple weapons would be fine (recommended, actually), but keep it be feasible.

Other Items/Equipment: Most items should be okay. Some I can think of that I’d rather not see would be traps (pitfall or shock), large barrel bombs, power/armor charms, and farcasters.

I’ll assume you have basic items like whetstones and food, but feel free to mention them anyway.
With simple stuff, I’ll try not be like, “Oh, you didn’t say you had that.” However, I may deny an item if you didn’t mention it if I feel the need (conveniently pulling out an antidote).

Misc. Skills: Stuff your character is good at.
Stuff that’s relevant to your job (fighting, bearing heavy equipment) you don’t have to mention, but you may want to anyway.
If you want to emphasize certain skills (tracking, monster knowledge, medical knowledge), you should mention them.
This is more for the sake of roleplaying. I’ll try not to be like “you can’t do that because you didn’t list it under your skills.”
Feel free to list some arbitrary skills too (cooking, sewing, languages).
Also, feel free to list some things your character is not so good at (or outright bad at).

Magic and Armor Abilities:
Your character is assumed to be magically endowed. (They don’t have to be.)
Remember that magic here is meant to be modest. Not stuff like water bending or Kamehamehas.

I’m gonna say you get one magical ability.
For your magical ability, I would say pick something that’s kind of broad and could be used multiple ways.
Some examples that come to my mind would be (these could be expanded upon):

Spirit Energy: You can pour your energy into your weapon momentarily, increasing the power significantly (like LS does). You can also empower yourself, increasing your physical capabilities (like DS, just more multi-purpose).
The problem is, you can tire yourself out quickly.

Spiritual Awareness/Sensing life: You would know the general direction of a large monster. You would know if you’re being followed, or if there was a lot of people on the other side of a hill.

(Element) Affinity: (Ice) Ice weapons are more potent in your use, and less effective when used against you. You can cool your body (and others through touch) and tolerate the cold. You have a cold personality though, and fire is to be feared.

Divine Protection: If all you need is a little luck to live, it will be granted. A sword through the chest passes just by the heart. You duck before the the tail knocks you out. Your armor holds up just enough.

If you want to take drawbacks to an ability, that would be grand. In exchange, a more powerful ability would make sense.

I admit I can’t really think of solid guidelines for this, so just pitch ideas at me. The worst that can happen is that I decline the idea.
I would say start out with a humble ability, and then we can make it more powerful if needed.

You also get a similar ability for your armor.

Your armor ability should make sense for the monster it is made from.
Some examples that come to my mind are:
Some elemental affinity based on whatever element the monster is known for.
Yian Kut Ku might have sharper hearing.
Khezu might have better recovery rate.
Hermitaur might make you more steadfast with your guarding.
Gypceros might make you more resistant to poison (and flash bombs). Or maybe you can spring back from the dead (within reason).

If your armor isn’t made out of monsters... Well, see if you can figure out something relevant. If not, oh well I guess.

Once again, drawbacks in exchange for stronger abilities is something to consider.

Armor skills (and armor penalties) from in game are an obvious source for ideas.

Your backstory doesn’t need to be wicked long, but you’re welcome to make it so if you wish.
For the sake of being complete, it should cover these parts:

Birth/early childhood: Where were you born, or what were your earliest memories? Where did you grow up? What did your life consist of?

Growing up/adolescents: What was your life like? What lead you to your profession? Key events and people?

Later/adulthood: What have you been doing with your life? Same as above, but a different time period.

Recently: What have you been doing as of late? What have you been trying to do? Life goals?

These parts can cross over some. Your back story should explain why your character is doing what he is doing, what his motivation is, and how he got into his position.

A certain level of humility with your character might be a good thing.

So once again, the required character information would be:

Other Physical Descriptions:
Other Items:
Misc. Skills:
Magical Ability:
Armor Ability:

Character Progress

I’m not sure about this, and/or how it would work, but I figure I should at least mention it.

Your character might get “better” as the RPG progresses.
Getting better equipment is one obvious way.
Your character might become more skilled to.

Again, I’m not sure about the details, I just wanted to briefly mention it.

Playstyle of this RPG/Disclaimers
This RPG will be freeform.

Even though there is magic, I intend to keep this RPG relatively realistic. I say relatively because this is Monster Hunter, and there’s magic.
So try not to do anything too crazy (lest we have that awkward conversation where I have to stop you and tell you no).

There is a significant chance your character will die.
More so, it may not just be a case of “you did something really stupid and are killed as a result.” You may just be a victim of circumstances. In other words, you might get unlucky.
Caution would help though.
Chances are, if you’re about to die, you’ll see it coming. I won’t just have you killed in your sleep or something.

In terms of difficulty, I intend to be significantly difficult (when appropriate). You probably won’t succeed at everything, and you’ll probably take some painful hits.
Again, caution will help. As I’ve said before in other places, “If you think what you’re about to do is a bad idea, it probably is.”

So there is a chance your character will die, and there is a very likely chance your character will get roughed up at least little.

In the event your character dies, you’re welcome to make another and keep playing. We might need to talk a little first, but that’s fine.
If you watch to switch characters... We’ll have to talk.

If I had to rate this game, I would probably say PG13 or M. Most likely M.
There’s obviously going to be violence, and I tend to be somewhat descriptive with the gore.
Strong language will surely be used, and I’m sure some characters will have some not so nice things to say. So expect to be insulted (by my NPC’s and maybe other player characters).

I know I won’t have anything like rape going on, but I might mention it as a background thing.
“Really” graphic torture would probably be skipped over.

Now, if you find yourself really upset by something that’s going on, please let me know and we’ll sort it out.
But, just remember, I did warn you above.
This would be the part where I ask you to sign your name, agreeing to the conditions above.

Closing Notes
I still gotta figure out the exact details of the island (among other things), but this should be enough to get everyone started on their characters.
Some things might change, but the only thing I can really see changing would be something regarding the setting. I’ll let you know if anything changes.

I’m assuming your character is not from the island (and takes a boat onto it). (We’ll probably start at a point where they’re already on the island).

If you want to have a character starting on the island (for whatever reason), you’re welcome to. The only thing is, the only towns I plan to have are those corresponding to a climate region (forest, volcanic, desert, snowy), and some little misc. village like settlements.
We’d have to talk.

You’re also welcome to have a character that’s involved with the warband/insurrection. We’d need to talk though.

You can post your characters in this thread or PM them if you feel the need. The same goes for any questions.
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New Minegarde RPG Empty Re: New Minegarde RPG

Post by Glyph on Tue Dec 18, 2012 5:25 pm

I'm interested in joining, just...

I still have finals right now (hence the absence), and then I'll be on vacation for about two weeks. If I could join in after that, it might be nice, if everyone hasn't started yet or something. And, as always, the voluminous nature of your introductory posts is somewhat... stifling : P
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New Minegarde RPG Empty Re: New Minegarde RPG

Post by 17dragonboy on Tue Dec 18, 2012 5:57 pm

Them fancy words at the end had me confused for a moment.

Just to make sure you're aware, the RPG will be run on Minegarde.

You joining a little late (or even really late) would be fine. It should be easy to throw you into things.
I don't know how much longer your finals are, but I wouldn't be surprised if you join on time (or very close to).

It'd be great to have you though.
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New Minegarde RPG Empty Re: New Minegarde RPG

Post by Spawn on Fri Jan 04, 2013 3:04 pm

Name: Kylar Starfall (Thats right)
Race: Human
Age: 23
Height: 6'
Stature/Physique: slim but muscularly toned
Other Physical Descriptions: Blueish White hair (Short spikey cut), grey iris
Armor: Custom Black Khezu armor with giginox underclothing.
Weapons: Dual swords crafted from Khezu and giginox (Think like the plesioth and lavasioth dualswords) one does lightning the other poison. And a hunters bow.
Other Items: Poison Vials, antidotes, herbs and shrooms for makeing more poisons and antidotes.
Misc. Skills: Tracking, Night Hunting, quick killing strikes on small monsters and crits on larger monsters (I guess that would be like weakpoint targeting.) Medical Knowledge
Magical Ability: Poison Affinity
Armor Ability:Thunder affinity
Backstory: Orphaned at a young age and terroized by Felynes till he was a teenager, Kylar was pulled into the life of a monster assassin, at a young age. He has spent many years training to target weakpoints on monsters to put them down quickly, but being that he spent most of his time training he lacks when it comes to socializeing with fellow hunters. He has been sent on a contract to take out a rogue Rathalos but was pulled into the islands turmoil.

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New Minegarde RPG Empty Re: New Minegarde RPG

Post by 17dragonboy on Fri Jan 04, 2013 10:32 pm

@Spawn: Addressed on Minegarde.

To anyone else wanting to join (Glyph), you should read the sign up thread from Minegarde. Link.
Some little things have changed around (no longer an island).
We also have a lot of skinny muscular guys, so different character types would be good for variety.
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New Minegarde RPG Empty Re: New Minegarde RPG

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