Open for ideas comrades!

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Open for ideas comrades! Empty Open for ideas comrades!

Post by Andras on Tue Aug 05, 2014 8:00 pm

Good evening fellow hunters and huntresses! I just wanted to throw out an open request for ideas for the forum, as it seems that stagnation has been a major issue for us over the past few years, I am at a loss for what to do honestly. We've tossed around the ideas for clans and what not, which we had on our former site, known as the Lion's Dens. As it stands, the Dens could be consolidated as a single group, given many of our former members got lost in transition. As it stands, it would consist of myself, Atlas, Maur, Hobo, Lucky and select others if they recollect their corresponding den. I am welcome for new clans, as people have mentioned before. Adjectutor also brought this up a little while back.

I will be opening some more forum categories for this.

I want us to thrive as we once did, I know as it stands we are a little short on games, save for the upcoming MH4U, and MH3U is still running pretty strong so lets try to get some stuff scheduled!

Fire anything my way people!


.: Attempting to revive that which has been long deceased. :.
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Open for ideas comrades! Empty Re: Open for ideas comrades!

Post by Adjectutor on Tue Aug 05, 2014 11:59 pm

Perhaps an opportunity to just all get together and talk?

Or a weekly cards against humanity night? (There's a website for that, it's tons of fun)

Seeing as we can't all seem to get on monster hunter together at this point, perhaps just doing something easier via internet and vent/skype would be easier.

Does anyone want to start a skype group or a vent server? These things will allow us to interact more directly as opposed to the indirect methods that the forums create.

We're going to have to start doing other things besides posting brainstorming threads it seems. I think just setting a day to meet up on a video chat and play would be acceptable. Playing other games would also build community. Another suggestion might be (for the few that may be interested) minecraft or other online games that would allow for us to interact as well. I know that I have a fun time when I get on minecraft with friends and voice chat.

Other suggestions?
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Open for ideas comrades! Empty Re: Open for ideas comrades!

Post by Ragno on Thu Aug 07, 2014 10:11 am

Hanging out with existing members and talking about the glory days is all well and good, but I think we should focus on bringing new members to the site and getting some activity going.

I think brining back the Lion's Dens is a pretty good idea. It was a nice edition to the previous website and it was nice for newbies to join a group they could identify with straight off the bat.

What I'm essentially saying is that we should bring back some things that made the previous website likeable and fun to be on. A nice graphical theme, a fleshed out image gallery with plenty of user content and a regular and helpful community to get help from or to talk about MH with.

I'm not sure how long it took for Lady Divine to get the site up to its peak or how much time and effort she invested into the site's features, but I think that by returning to our roots we can reap the benefits of a successful forum. This will, of course, require quite a bit of work.

My two cents.

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Open for ideas comrades! Empty Re: Open for ideas comrades!

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