Bastard-Ukalos, argh!

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Bastard-Ukalos, argh! Empty Bastard-Ukalos, argh!

Post by ShiroiRen on Sun Mar 06, 2011 4:38 pm

Bastard-Ukalos, argh! WLen05
God forbid! I still never got to beat him to this day yet! To plot out things after I read some of the enemy data I have on him in-game, I think I see what's kind of going wrong here even.

1: he's almost the same as Akantor but a bit bigger; hard to miss, but harder to dodge.
2: That epic boss theme is too distracting.
3: Dolphin-Dive!!!!
4: Being as strong as (or more buff than) his brother, the obvious fact to worry about right off is that he'll most like 2 to 3 hit kill anyone, so chucking out a lot of Potions, lifepowders, and even herbs gets annoying. Lol!
5: Following up with situation 4, for more thrill now the field rapidly deteriorates energy as well, so now we have TWO problems to worry about, leaving less room for attack items!

so this battle's a mess. First off, Luce and I tend to try to do a formation of "one bombards him with flash bombs while another moves in to counterattack" for stopping him when in a pinch. I tended at first to use a Gunlance since I didn't think he could be paralyzed but boy was I wrong!

I'm usually the girl carrying the huge sword around just waiting to chop parts off of annoying bosses, but being scared into defensive had me be such a fool at first... later on I just bought it anyway and found out that it was possible to stop him in his tracks for at least 3 seconds or so, but when he pulls off that Dolphin Dive, oh God I can't stand it!

Okay, so now I have to ask from the experts:
Bastard-Ukalos, argh! WLen09
*screams:* How the hell am I supposed to kill this thing?!?!

I have gotten these three paths for a start:
First = puny Kushala Daora armor to speed up my charged slash attacks so I can do much heavier blows faster (Risk Factor: Kinda low defense and no Snow resist!),
Second = upgraded Blangonga-S class armor to stop the field from being a pain in the rear and add a slight attack boost (Risk Factor: Low defense!),
Third (not yet ready) = aiming to get some Lavasloith parts & weapons for intense fire damage and a slight speed-up on charged slashing (Risk Factor: Pain in the @$$ to get!)

Any other ideas?

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Bastard-Ukalos, argh! Empty Re: Bastard-Ukalos, argh!

Post by Glyph on Sun Mar 06, 2011 6:16 pm

Pray to Supah Jeebus? You are fighting a living snow plow after all.
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