Friday (you knew it would come up herpes!)

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Friday (you knew it would come up herpes!) Empty Friday (you knew it would come up herpes!)

Post by Glyph on Tue Apr 19, 2011 2:01 am

Well, I figured that I hadn't made another shit thread in a while, so here we are. I'm here to talk about what scientists may suspect is "the worst song in the world". I'm talking of course, about "Friday". Now, haterhaters gonna haterhate, but this song is so bad that I thought it was a joke. My first reaction was that this "song" might have been the single greatest example of mass trolling ever to occur. But, with slowly overwhelming horror, I came to the conclusion that this was not the case. This song is's imagine that...I'm at a loss. There really are no words to describe the unimaginable horror that is Rebbeca Black's voice. I was rediscovering the pain of absolute, unadulterated ear-rape as my mind was subjected to repeated musical abuse. The first time I heard Justin Bieber, I thought it was a girl singing. But with this, I felt as though my soul was being gang-banged by a mob of crabs infested demons. If you're some kind masochist, or you absolutely have to hear this abomination;
Warning; the music video you are about to enjoy become subject to, may contain the following: vomit, fecal matter, peanuts, screeching, terrible singing, and hideousness. Some side effects may include, but are not limited to: suicide, explosive diarrhea, mental instability, herpes, cancer, and emaculate conception...of Satan's child. NOTE: Please consult your doctor priest to see if that Friday is right wrong for you.

If you are still reading, than I can only assume that you did not watch the above video, as their is no way that you would have survived such an ordeal. If you did, and are reading this, shoot yourself with a silver bullet, sprinkle holy water upon yourself, or jab a wooden stake in your heart, because your soul is trapped. This song is so bad, that people in our chatroom could tell what it was, when I told them that I was watching the worst thing I'd ever seen. We all need closure, and laughter is some of the best medicine.

And you thought it couldn't get any worse.
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